Mens Denim Guide for Summer


With Spring finally here, and summer only round the corner, most shops will now be focusing on bright colours, chinos and easy to wear garments. Many people get carried away with summer trends and forget about some of the easy ways to look good whilst the sun is shining. Denim is one trend that is very easy to get right, but also very easy to get wrong, especially as we head towards the hotter months of the year. We’ve put together a fit and style guide that will help you prepare for Summer 2012!

As with every summer, denim tends to come washed, lighter in appearance and slightly lighter in weight. Dark and raw slim fit jeans are still a staple part of most wardrobes, but the warmer weather brings out the jeans with a difference. This year expect coloured denims (burgundy and khakis) and shorts. 


Jeans come in a huge range of fits; sizes can differ even if the label says they’re both a 32” waist and there’s always an issue with shrinkage. We admit it’s difficult to find a pair of jeans that fit perfectly; that’s why rule Number 1 is “Try on lots of styles and sizes to find the best fit for you”. Getting the right pair shouldn’t be a two minute job, if you put effort and time into choosing your jeans, they should last years.

Straight Leg

If you’ve got no idea about where to begin, a good place to start would be a classic straight leg jean. Diesel Larkee fit and Money Blanks are perfect examples of no-nonsense easy to wear jeans. Both fits come in a wide variety of washes to suit personal taste and seasonal trends; they’re very difficult to get wrong! Try ‘Larkee 8B9’ (left) for a jean that will look good all year round! Alternatively, take a look at Money Blanks denim, (right) for an indigo washed denim with the Monkey Ape Logo in a colour way that is exclusive to us for more of a streetwear feel. We also stock the Money Blanks denim in Grey and Yellow.

diesel larkee denim jeansmoney-clothing-blanks-denim-jeans

Diesel Larkee                                               Money Blanks Denim

Slim Fit

Current summer trends involve slimmer styles and fits with a little something to give them a point of difference. The super-skinny look from a year or so ago is gone, replaced by a cleaner and more comfortable fit; that still maintains a good shape. ‘Tapered’ jeans (comfortable around the waist, slimming towards the ankle) now make up a large section of the available market, with different companies offering this slim-ish silhouette. Go for lightly washed denim to ensure your summer wardrobe is complete. Here’s our selection of the best…     


Although many denim brands are thinning down their offer of bootcut jeans, the fit still sells extremely well in the UK and the US. However, the wide and baggy look is gone, replaced by a slightly slimmer silhouette. The bootcut isn’t over exaggerated and is complimented by a smart pair of shoes. Perfect for going out. Diesel Zatiny offers a washed out, light looking denim that will combine with pretty much any shirt you own. Diesel Zathan is features darker denim, with tobacco stitch detailing.


Diesel Zatiny                                                          Diesel Zathan

Specialist Fits and Washes 

Many people experiment with colours and something a bit different in the summer and why shouldn’t they? Days by the beach and sunshine inspires us to get out there and live a little or alternatively buying into a different brand or lifestyle. Moving away from the streetwear market to talk about Premium branded denim and one that comes to mind again and again – True Religion. A brand that was born and created using the finest American cottons and factories to produce highly detailed vintage denim, yes that is right they are made in America that means the brands priorty is all about about quality apposed to cost.

A True Religion jean to start with for this Summer would be the True Religion Super-t straight leg jean, which comes in a light wash finish with heavy white contrast stitching and classic True Religion branded rivets and pockets, which should be worn with either a vintage tee or shirt. If you think that light washes are just for the day then and would like a darker washed denim for the evening, we would recommend the True Religion Jack Knife Jeans which comes in a dark wash in a slightly looser fit. The denim features a contrast white stitch and slight fade above the knee, ideal with a shirt or smart polo top.


True Religion Super-t jean                    True Religion Jack Knife Jeans

If you would like any more info on the denim stocked at Richmond Classics please contact us or ask a member of staff in store for more assistance.

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