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It’s official – the cult and underground label that is Boy London is back after a huge style revival, with A-Lister Rihanna wearing the Boy London clothing brand head-to-toe on the Jonathan Ross Show. For those of you that aren’t so clued up on the Boy London brand it was first conceived in 1976 as the brain child of Stephane Raynor. During the time of the Punk movement it was worn by bands such as the Sex Pistols, who wore Boy t-shirts supplied to them from the likes of Malcolm McLaren in his store ‘Let it Rock’. The brand’s appeal didn’t just stop there, from Punks came the New Romantics of the 80’s, then the Club Kids of the 90’s and now Fashionistas and Bloggers of the 21st Century.  The constant reinvention of the brand and it’s style has made it as relevant as ever.

rihanna boy londonjessie-j-boy-london

Rihanna wearing Boy London                               Jessie J Wearing Boy London

With this reinvention of Boy London you can expect to see clean new designs with bold logos, all over prints and a style that screams attitude. A combination of garments have been created including; t-shirts, vests, hats, leggings and sweats. Boy London will be available at the Richmond Classics store in Bournemouth, (we are the only stockist in Bournemouth for Boy London) and also available online at and is set to arrive very soon! Keep an eye out on our website, Facebook and Twitter page for the latest Boy London news or alternatively if you would like more info contact us at

For the chance to win a Boy London cap simply add your email address to our Facebook post – Rhianna Boy London

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