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Richmond Classics has been stocking STUSSY since the late 80s Early 90s and was Proud to be one of the original Stockists in the UK  along with such Legendary stores as American Classics on the Kings Road London & Dr Jives in Glasgow .Shawn Stussy The Brands Creator was a surfer who used to shape his own boards for friends and locals in Laguna Beach C.A. Shawn Stussy began printing T Shirts and shorts to sell along with his surfboards as a form of promotion with his surname Stussy written in a unique graffitti  influenced hand style which led to the iconic SS logo and Stussy Signature logo becoming the De Rigueur in Cali. Stussy crossed the pond and was adopted my Djs  Creative Artists & Trendsetters in New York, London, Tokyo, Berlin & LA  and so the International Stussy Tribe was Born. 

Various Brands have come out of the Stussy Crew , SUPREME ( James Jebbia ) and more recently ( Neek Lurk ) Anti Social Social Club , However  SHAWN STUSSY IS STILL RECOGNISED AS THE GODFATHER OF Streetwear.

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